Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Clare Morgan About time  Now Showing until September 4 @ the Hub Sleaford

Claire Morgan is an award-winning artist working predominantly in sculpture. Her astonishing suspended artworks, for which she has become best known, are manifestations of her obsession for making and her passion for materials. Thousands of hand selected and individually hung elements are arranged in exacting formations. Whilst both beautiful and fascinating, the sculptures also bring with them a sense of wonderment and illusion.

The collection of works developed for About Time, extend Morgan’s preoccupation with ‘change’ and the passing of time. Typified by the use of fragile and organic materials such as seeds, insects, fruit or vegetation, Morgan’s sculptures subtly draw our attention to the transience of everything around us, and comment on the mysterious correlations between death, decay and the persistence of life – often with unsettling results.
More recently, taxidermy animals have been introduced into Morgan’s sculptures - rabbits, a crow and even a fox will inhabit the gallery during the exhibition here at the National Centre for Craft & Design. The creatures, which appear familiar yet at the same time startlingly foreign within the unlikely setting of an art gallery, add to the sense of augmented reality within Morgan’s sculptures. Often poised for movement the frozen animals charge the sculptures with energy - a disrupted moment never to be realised.

“Animals, birds and insects have been present in my recent sculptures, and I use suspense to create something akin to freeze frames. In some works, animals might appear to fly or fall through other seemingly solid suspended forms, or even perch or sit on them. In other works, insects appear to fly in static formations. The evidence of gravity - or lack of it - inherent in these scenarios is what brings them to life, or death.” Claire Morgan

Given the relative youth of Morgan’s career, she has achieved considerable success and firmly established her practice within the international arts arena. Her work are collected and exhibited all over the world with recent exhibitions in New York, Tasmania, Florence, Cologne and Paris to name but a few. About Time is Claire Morgan’s first solo exhibition in the UK since 2008, and therefore represents an rare opportunity to see new and existing works by this artist at the Hub National Centre for Craft & Design, Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7TW
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Open 10.00-5.00pm all year round except Christmas, Boxing and New Year Days. Use NG34 7DW for sat navs.

Crayola Glow Explosion Sand Art Sculptures

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