Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Jazz At The Kitty Hall @ The Voodoo Lounge Stamford

Jazz At The Kitty Hall
The Concept of Jazz at the Kitty Halls
Recreated at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge in Stamford, where the wonderful Creole and Cajun restaurant will be serving a special selection of Louisiana dishes prior to the show.

Due to lack of conventional revenue the operators of dance halls in New Orleans in the '60's found it necessary to place a "Kitty" basket/jar in front of the band stand or to pass a basket in order to pay the band.
Mama Liz wish to try and maintain a presence of jazz in the tradition of New Orleans styled music to compliment the cuisine and atmosphere of the venue and anyone is welcome to respond in kind.
We hope you enjoy the repertoire of popular songs, rags, marches, spirituals, vaudeville and general joie de vivre of an evening’s music.
The band name is "Bill Dickens' Fron-Zi-Me Stompers” which is the phonetic
pronunciation of “Francs Amis” after which a dance hall operated in New
Orleans ("Francs Amis Hall" – roughly translated “True Friends Hall”).
The address was given as 1820, North Robertson Street, Tremé / Lafitte, NewOrleans, built in 1861 in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city.
It is the tradition for many European bands who try and play New Orleans
style music to adopt a name synonymous with the city either a street, park or area - in this case a dance hall.
The Musicians:-
Bill Dickens - Trumpet - Leader
Colin Radford - Clarinet & Alto
Gerry Rose - String Bass
Chris Reilley - Piano


Forthcoming dates and times:- 8.00 for 8.30pm to 11.00pm
Thursday 20th October
Thursday 17th November
Thursday 22nd December
Thursday 19th January 2012
Thursday 16th February 2012

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