Sunday, 3 February 2019

A Few Jokes, Just To Cheer You Up.

A Few Jokes...

I didn't want to believe that my Dad was stealing from his place of work as a road worker but when I got home all the signs where there.

Sat in an Italian restaurant by myself. Feel cannelloni.

I had some omega 3 thrown at me today. Luckily the injury was only super fish oil.

Hired a limo today but it had no driver. I can't believe I spent all that money with nothing to chauffeur it :)

My Uncle was very ill and he was told to put lard on his back. He went down hill fast.

Never give up your your seat to a lady thats how I lost my bus driving job.

Had an argument with the Lollipop man. He made me cross.

The only thing flat earthers fear is sphere itself.

Just heard that the Italian branch of Heinz Soups has gone into Administroni.

I've just left my job in a pillow stuffing factory because I kept feeling down.

I’m on a whisky diet. Last week I lost three days

Now kindly leave the stage.

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